The student id card printers are designed for producing id cards for students of schools and universities. These card printers make use of a method known as card printing for producing PVC cards, thermal cards, mifare cards, smart cards, smart cards and plastic cards. These card printers have the ability to produce high-quality images and text on rfid pvc plastic cards, which are then used for student identification and granting access to specific privileges such as meals, library services, or building entry.

The best card printers for student id cards available for printing ID cards are the HID FARGO DTC 1250e, FARGO HDP5000, and FARGO DTC 1500.

HID FARGO DTC1500 Dual-Side Printer:

This is a versatile and cost-effective option for creating high-quality, secure ID cards. It can print on both sides of the card and offers a choice between dye-sublimation or resin thermal transfer printing.

AITS provides affordable HID FARGO price in Pakistan. Top id card printers are;



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