What is 125kHz RFID card?

A 125 khz rfid card and reader in human hand
This RFID Card operates at a frequency of 125KHz and is designed for contactless data transmission. It does not require a battery as it is powered by the energy it receives. The operating distance of the card can reach up to 100mm, depending on the antenna geometry. With a data transfer speed of 106 kbit/s, it ensures efficient and reliable communication.
The low frequency (LF) band encompasses a range of frequencies spanning from 30 KHz to 300 KHz. Within this band, LF RFID systems typically function at 125 KHz, although there are also systems that operate at 134 KHz.
It is important to note that this frequency band offers a limited read range of up to 10 cm, and the read speed is comparatively slower when compared to higher frequencies.
The widespread application of 125khz RFID cards has been greatly facilitated by the continuous development of applications.


  • Access Control: It is widely used for employee badges, key cards, or student ID cards to grant or restrict access to buildings, rooms, or other secure areas.
  • Inventory Management: This card is also less common than other frequencies due to the shorter read range, but might be suitable for specific applications where tracking items within a limited area is necessary.
  • Prepaid Payment: It is mostly used in some contactless payment systems for low value transactions, although security limitations might make it less preferable for high value applications.
  • Laundry Tracking: This is also used for tracking and managing laundry items in commercial or institutional settings.

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