The specifications of HID element Industrial id and financial card personalization with best price are:

  • Side printing: The standard dual side printing
  • Printing technology: Inkjet ink that is cured using ultraviolet light
  • Total printer ink channels is six
  • Resolution: The resolution is up to 600 dpi x 1200 dpi (23.6 dots/mm x 47.2 dots/mm)
  • Print speed: The speed is up to 300 single sided cards per hour (@ 600 dpi)
  • Accepted card size: These are CR-80 (3.370″L x 2.125″W / 85.6mmL x 54mmW)
  • Accepted card types: The PVC, composite (PET / PVC with PVC as an outer layer), laminated PVC (credit card construction), polycarbonate (PC), laserable PVC
  • Print area: Over the edge on CR 80 cards
  • Input card capacity: There are 400 cards (.030″ / .762mm thick) per input hopper. These can be increase up to four hoppers that can be added for 1600 cards
  • Output card capacity: The 400 cards (.030″ / .762mm thick) per output stacker — up to four stackers can be optionally added for a total of 1600 cards
  • Optional encoding: The smart card (either contact  or contactless), ultracard premium cards ISO magnetic encoding that support for third party Smartware simultaneous contact/contactless encoding
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Options: The HID ELEMENT UV Laser Engraver System has up to four input hoppers / output stackers per unit. It is encoding, camera registration system.
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