A heavy duty, HID ELEMENT Laser Engraver System which purpose of built for the industrial sector speed. The output requirements of large government ID card programs, financial institutions, enterprise organizations, and service bureaus.

HID ELEMENT offers highly configurable functionality, scalable throughput. The HID ELEMENT LE Industrial ID and Financial Card Personalization use an array of encoding options to meet a broad range of high volume ID and financial card personalization needs.

By utilizing established DPSS (diode-pumped solid-state) laser technology, the card body is engraved with distinctive identifying data, images, and security features. This process ensures that the cards and IDs are highly secure, durable, personalized, and resistant to tampering.

HID Printer ELEMENT LE is capable of generating superior visual quality images in true grayscale along with precision black marking for standard text, MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) text, barcodes, and QR codes. You can utilize a DPSS laser system with variable power. The HID ELEMENT LE can achieve multiple shades of gray, resulting in highly defined and high quality laser images.

The HID ELEMENT LE Industrial ID and Financial Card Personalization System also accommodates high-security feature applications such as CLI/MLI (Changeable/ Multiple Laser Image), sub-surface image, tactile surface relief, and custom micro text.


  • Laser source options — It is highly versatile HID ELEMENT Laser Engraving System. It provides two laser source options to meet your specific credential program requirements. This is choose from the standard 3W DPSS laser to maximize cost-benefit or the optional 8W DPSS laser to enable faster throughput.
  • Multiple encoding options — Supports both HID embedded encoders and third-party Smartware™. Also contact and contactless encoding for financial cards, physical/logical access, cashless vending, and more
  • Scalable, high-capacity throughput. It is easily scales production with up to four, 400 card capacity inputs/outputs for a total capacity of up to 1600 cards per unit. The facilitating high volume card throughput for continuous runs and maximum yields per shift
  • Redundancy and risk management benefits. As a desktop-based system, multiple HID ELEMENT laser engraver units can be implemented to meet industrial volume needs.

With its highly configurable functionality and scalable throughput the HID ELEMENT. The Laser Engraver System is an ideal solution for superior quality, high volume, laser ID and financial card personalization.


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