Preprinted Cards generally refer to cards that have been printed with certain information or designs before being personalized or used. These cards can serve various purposes. These cards are commonly used in different industries and institutions.

Key Features

  • Business Cards: Business cards are a common type of preprinted card. The best top companies often print basic information like the company name, logo, and contact details on the cards. Employees can then add their personal details, such as name and job title.
  • ID Cards: The employee ID cards or access cards are often preprinted with the company’s branding and some generic information. Personalization comes later, typically with the employee’s name, photo, and specific details.
  • Membership Cards: Organizations, clubs, or gyms may use preprinted membership cards with generic information, and then individual members’ details are added later.
  • Greeting Cards: The preprinted greeting cards are designed with general messages and graphics. The individuals can buy them and then add their own handwritten notes for personalization.
  • Gift Cards: Gift cards from various retailers often come preprinted with the company’s logo and branding. The specific amount or value is then added when the card is purchased.
  • Postcards: The preprinted postcards design, illustration, or photograph along with a generic message.
  • Medical Prescription Cards: The prescription cards provided by pharmacies often have preprinted information about the pharmacy. The pharmacist adds the specific prescription details later.

Pre printed ID Card

Additional Custom Pre-Printing Options Include:

  • Card Encoding
  • Scratch-off panels
  • Embossing
  • Barcodes
  • Magnetic stripes
  • Signature panels
  • Sequential number encoding
  • Adhesive-backed ID cards
  • PIN generation
  • Slot-punched

Custom pre-printed ID cards are an ideal solution for:

  • High-volume ID card print applications
  • ID card printing applications with static ID badge designs (e.g., gift/loyalty cards, membership ID cards)
  • ID card applications requiring consistency in appearance, including PMS color matching
  • ID card printing applications require enhanced security features like embedded holograms, metallic foil, UV images, microtext, and more.

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