FARGO HDP Printer 074229 likely refers to a combination of two things:

  • Compatible: The ribbon is compatible with the HDP5000 printer series. It allows for vibrant full color printing on ID cards. Furthermore, it includes a black resin panel for accurate printing.
  • FARGO HDP Printer: The FARGO HDP Printer 074229 Ribbon indicates a printer model from HID FARGO’s High Definition Printing (HDP) series. HDP printers use a three layer printing process to create high-quality, photorealistic ID cards. However, without a specific model number (e.g., HDP5000, HDP6600).
  • 074229 Ribbon: This most likely refers to the part number of a full-color ribbon compatible with HID FARGO HDP printers. The number itself doesn’t provide details about the specific printer model it’s compatible with.


  • Printing Capabilities: This FARGO HDP Printer 074229 Ribbon produces high quality, full color ID cards with vibrant images and crisp text. The black component allows for sharp printing of black text, barcodes, or other elements requiring a defined black color.
  • Yield: The exact yield can vary depending on the specific HDP printer model and the complexity of your card design. It’s typically rated for around 500 single-sided prints, but the coverage area of colors and text can affect this number.
  • Ribbon Packaging: Check the packaging of the ribbon. It might list compatible FARGO HDP printer models.
  • FARGO Website: If you have the complete part number (074229), you can search the FARGO website using the part number to find compatible printer models.
  • Genuine Consumables: It is generally recommended to use genuine FARGO ribbons to ensure optimal printing performance and compatibility with your printer.
  • Storage: Store the ribbon in a cool, dry environment to maintain its quality and prevent premature drying or degradation.
  • Cleaning: Regularly clean your printer according to the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain print quality and prevent issues caused by dust or debris.

By following these tips, you should be able to identify compatible FARGO HDP printers for the 074229 full-color ribbon and ensure high quality printing results for your ID cards.

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