The FARGO Retransfer Film is FARGO part number 84053 for card printer. The HID FARGO printer HDP5000 is a reverse transfer printer. It requires a separate dye film ribbon to print on the cards. It is used in tangent with the popular ribbons. These are s HID FARGO 84051 and HID FARGO 84052.

The FARGO Retransfer Film Card Printer will print up to 1500 cards on one side, or 750 cards on both sides. When printing with a Resin Black panel, the printer will typically use a separate panel for the color and the Resin Black. It also prints 500 double sided cards with color on the front and black only on the back of the cards.

This full color ribbon is for a retransfer printer, which initially prints the image onto a film ribbon, then transfers the film onto the card. There is no overlay panel on the dye film ribbon. The transfer film acts as an overlay panel.

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A image of FARGO retransfer film.
FARGO Retransfer Film

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