HID FARGO offers a range of consumables specifically designed for their thermal inkjet printers. This ensures optimal performance and high quality printing results. The HID FARGO Consumables for Thermal Inkjet is typical consumables which encounter for HID FARGO thermal inkjet printers:

 Ink Cartridges:

  • The core element for inkjet printing. HID FARGO offers ink cartridges containing a specific formulation of solvent-based inks suitable for their inkjet printers. These inks are typically available in tricolor (YMC) or quad-color (YMCK) configurations:
    • YMC (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan): Prints vibrant colors and offers good image quality for most applications.
    • YMCK (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black): Includes an additional black component for sharper text and barcode printing.

Cleaning Kits:

  • Regular cleaning is essential to maintain the print quality and longevity of your HID FARGO inkjet printer. Cleaning kits typically include:
    • Cleaning swabs: Used to remove dried ink or debris from the print head and other internal components.
    • Cleaning cards: Specially designed cards that absorb excess ink and help maintain the print head’s functionality.
    • Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) wipes: In some kits, these might be included for additional cleaning tasks.

Optional Consumables:

The ink1000 ink cartridge

  • Depending on your specific needs and the capabilities of your HID FARGO inkjet printer model, you might also consider these optional consumables:
    • Overlaminates: Similar to those used with other card printing technologies, laminates offer an extra layer of protection for your printed ID cards, increasing durability and potentially adding tamper-evident features.
    • Pre-punched cards: If your application requires attaching the cards to lanyards or badges, pre-punched cards can save time by eliminating the need for punching holes yourself.

Some features using HID FARGO inkjet consumables:

  • Genuine Consumables: Using genuine HID FARGO consumables designed for your specific printer model is recommended. This ensures compatibility and optimal printing performance.
  • Storage: Store ink cartridges and cleaning supplies in a cool, dry environment to maintain their quality and prevent premature drying or degradation.
  • Regular Maintenance: Follow the recommended cleaning schedule outlined in your printer’s manual to keep your printer functioning properly and producing high-quality prints.


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HID FARGO Consumables for Thermal Inkjet

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