The door lock card rfid is most commonly referred to a key card or access control card. A credential is employed in electronic locking systems to authorize entry into secure areas.

Here are two main types of door lock cards:

  • Contact Cards: These cards need to be physically inserted into a reader in order to transfer data. They typically have a magnetic stripe on the back that stores the access code. These are less secure than contactless options.

  • Contactless Cards: This door lock card rfid are always use RFID technology. These do not  require physical contact with the reader. There are two main categories:

    • Low-Frequency (LF) Cards: These cards, like HID Proximity cards, operate at a lower frequency (around 125 kHz) and have a shorter read range (typically 1-4 inches). They are a widely used and affordable option for basic access control.
    • High-Frequency (HF) Cards: These cards, like mifare cards, operate at a higher frequency (13.56 MHz) and have a longer read range (up to several inches). They can also store more data and offer additional features like encryption for enhanced security.
Key features of door lock card:
  • Security Level: It is important security for your application. For high-security areas, consider contactless HF cards with encryption.
  • Read Range: The desire read distance between the card and the reader a minimum of six feet.
  • Compatibility: Ensure the cards you choose are compatible with your existing access control system.
  • Durability: Choose a card material that can withstand wear and tear for your application’s environment.
  • Cost: These contact cards are generally cheaper than contactless cards, but contactless options might offer advantages in convenience and security.
  • Multi-Technology Cards: Some cards combine multiple technologies like RFID and a magnetic stripe for broader compatibility with older and newer reader systems.
  • Mobile Access: The newer systems might allow using smartphones or wearables with embedded credentials for a touchless access experience.

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Summary: The different types of door lock cards and considering these factors, choose the most suitable option for your security and access control needs.


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