The physical card body made of polyvinyl chloride, a common and durable plastic material for ID cards. These types of tags 12 UHF Card PVC is considered passive no onboard power source. These cards are commonly used for access control, identification, and tracking purposes.

  • An embedded microchip that stores data and communicates wirelessly with an RFID reader using radio waves in the UHF band.
  • Antenna: Usually embedded within the card, the antenna transmits and receives radio signals between the chip and the reader.
  • Long Read Range: The UHF signals offer a significantly longer read range compared to low frequency (LF) RFID (like 125 kHz cards) – typically meters or even tens of meters depending on the reader and environment. This allows for reading tags from a distance, improving efficiency in applications like inventory management or access control.
  • Larger Data Storage: The UHF RFID chips generally have a higher data storage capacity compared to LF tags. This allows for storing more information on the card, such as product details, identification codes, or access control permissions.
  • Faster Read/Write Speeds: This UHF communication offers faster data transfer speeds compared to LF, enabling quicker identification and data processing.

Applications of 12 UHF Card PVC:

  • Inventory Management: This card is used for tracking and managing inventory in warehouses, retail stores, or libraries. UHF allows for reading tags from a distance, streamlining stock checks and asset tracking.
  • Supply Chain Management: The monitoring the movement of goods throughout the supply chain, ensuring efficient logistics and preventing theft or loss.
  • Access Control: Granting or restricting access to secure areas or events. UHF’s longer read range allows for hands-free identification at checkpoints.
  • Asset Tracking: Tracking valuable assets like equipment, tools, or vehicles, improving asset utilization and reducing loss.
  • Payment Systems: This card is also used in some contactless payment systems.
  • Event Management: Tracking attendees at conferences, trade shows, or festivals, enabling faster check-in and data collection.


  • Access Control: For secure entry into buildings or restricted areas.
  • Identification: For personal identification in schools, workplaces, or events.
  • Asset Tracking: For tracking inventory, equipment, or products in a supply chain.
  • Payment Systems: In contactless payment systems or public transportation.


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