The MiFARE Classic 4k Card is the pioneer and front runner in contactless smart card ICs operating in the 13.56 MHz frequency range with read/write capability. Get the best price in Pakistan for high quality Mifare 4K cards from Ahmed’s Infotech Solutions. Whether you require mifare classic 1K, 4K or Desfire ultralight cards, we will advise you on the best solution.

Mifare 4k card

This MiFARE Classic 4k card is a type of contactless smart card. These cards use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for data storage and secure access control. Here is a breakdown of its key features and functionalities:


  • RFID: The card utilizes RFID technology, similar to HID proximity cards, but with some key differences.
  • Low Frequency (LF): MiFARE Classic cards operate at a low frequency, typically around 13.56 MHz.
  • Contactless: Like other contactless cards, it doesn’t require physical contact with a reader for data transmission.

Memory Capacity:

  • 4 Kilobytes (kB): The memory capacity of this card is 4 kilobytes, which is significantly higher compared to the standard 1kB memory of mifare desire ev1 card. This allows for storing more data on the card. mifare-desfire-ev1-card


Due to its larger memory capacity, MiFARE Classic 4k cards can be used in a wider range of applications compared to standard MiFARE Classic cards, including:

  • Secure Access Control: Granting access to buildings, rooms, or other secure areas.
  • Public Transportation Ticketing: Storing fare information and enabling contactless payments on buses, trains, etc.
  • Loyalty Programs: This card can holds membership information and points for loyalty programs.
  • Event Access Control: It is providing access to events or conferences by scanning the card at entry points.
  • Prepaid Payment: Storing value for compact, contactless transactions.

Security Considerations:

  • Lower Security: While offering some level of security through access control features, the MiFARE Classic line, including the 4k variant, has known security vulnerabilities. It’s not recommended for applications requiring the highest level of security due to the potential risk of cloning.
  • Encryption Options: Some MiFARE Classic 4k cards might offer optional encryption features to enhance security, but this depends on the specific card model and reader system.


  • Larger Memory: This provides larger data storage space as compared to standard MiFARE Classic cards.
  • Versatility: This is suitable for various applications beyond basic access control.
  • Convenience: The contactless operation always offers a quick and easy method to interact with compatible card readers.
  • Affordability: In general less expensive compared to high security contactless cards.


  • Security Limitations: This card is not ideal for high security applications due to potential vulnerabilities.
  • Read Range: Similar to other LF cards, it typically has a short read range (around a few inches).
  • Potential Obsolescence: Because of security, new secure technologies replacing MiFARE Classic in some applications.
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Summary: The MiFARE Classic 4k card offers increased memory capacity and versatility for various access control and data storage applications. However, it’s important to consider its lower security level compared to other options if high-security data protection is a critical requirement.



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