HID card readers are devices used to read credentials, such as ID cards, typically used for access control systems. HID is a company that is a leading manufacturer of secure identity solutions. The HID FARGO card readers price low rate at AITS. Here are the key aspects and features of HID card readers:

Types of HID Card Readers

  • Proximity Readers: These read 125 kHz proximity cards. They are commonly used in office buildings and other secure facilities.
  • Smart Card Readers: These can read contactless smart cards (e.g., iCLASS) operating at 13.56 MHz. They offer enhanced security features over proximity cards.
  • Multi-Technology Readers: These can read both proximity and smart cards, providing a versatile solution for organizations transitioning from one technology to another.
  • Mobile Access Readers: These can read credentials stored on mobile devices using Bluetooth or NFC.
  • Features
  • Security: HID readers provide various levels of encryption and security features to prevent unauthorized access and cloning of cards.
  • Integration: They can integrate with various access control systems and software, allowing seamless management of access points.
  • Durability: HID readers are designed to be robust and durable, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • User-Friendly: They are often designed for ease of use, with features like visual and audible feedback to confirm successful reads.


  • Access Control: These are Used in buildings to control entry and exit points.
  • Time and Attendance: Integrated with systems to track employee attendance.
  • Parking Management: These are also used in parking facilities to control access.
    Logical Access: Used to secure computers and networks by ensuring only authorized users can access systems.
  • Compatibility: Ensure the reader is compatible with your existing cards and access control system.
  • Security Requirements: Depending on the security level needed, choose a reader with appropriate encryption and authentication features.
  • Environment: Select a reader that is suitable for the installation environment (e.g., weather-resistant for outdoor use).
  • Future-Proofing: Consider multi-technology readers if you plan to upgrade your system or migrate to a different technology in the future.
  • The HID FARGO card readers price best low rate at AITS.

Popular Models

Some popular HID card reader models include:

  • HID ProxPoint Plus: A compact proximity card reader.
  • HID iCLASS SE Reader: A versatile smart card reader with advanced security features.
  • HID Signo: A series of readers that support multiple credential types and offer mobile access capabilities.
  • Understanding the specific needs of your access control system will help you choose the right HID card reader for your organization.


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