The HID FARGO Brand is a label under the umbrella of HID Global, a leading provider of secure identity solutions.
HID FARGO specializes in the development and manufacturing of card issuance systems, including card printers and encoders. These systems are used for creating and personalizing various types of identification cards, access cards, and other secure credentials.



  • Card Printers and Encoders: The HID FARGO card printers are known for their reliability and capability to produce high-quality identification cards. These printers often include features such as very high resolution printing, encoding technologies (e.g., magnetic stripe, RFID card and smart card encoding), and security elements like holographic overlays.
  • Applications: The card printers are used in a variety of industries, including corporate, government, healthcare, education, and more, where secure identification is essential.
  • Security Features: The security features are emphasized to prevent counterfeiting and improve the overall security of the identification cards being produced.
Exihibition of HID FARGO products


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