FARGO card printers are widely recognized in the field of card printing for their reliability, quality, and versatility. These printers are commonly used for printing ID cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, and other types of plastic cards. FARGO printers are manufactured by HID Global, a company known for its secure identity solutions. Here are some key points about FARGO card printers:

Range of Models:

  • Entry-Level: The FARGO offers models like the HID FARGO C50 ID Card Printer, which are ideal for low volume, basic card printing needs.
  • Mid-Range: Models such as the DTC1250e and DTC4250e offer more features, including dual sided printing and higher print speeds, suitable for medium volume usage.
  • High-End: The HDP5000 and HDP6600 models are designed for high volume, high quality printing needs, featuring retransfer printing technology for superior print quality and durability.

Printing Technologies:

  • Direct-to-Card (DTC): Prints directly onto the surface of the card. Models like the DTC1250e use this technology, which is fast and cost-effective for many applications.
  • High Definition Printing (HDP): Uses retransfer technology to print on a film that is then fused to the card. This method produces higher quality and more durable prints, suitable for cards with embedded electronics.


  • Single or Dual-Sided Printing: Many models offer both single and dual-sided printing capabilities.
  • Encoding Options: FARGO printers can be equipped with modules for magnetic stripe encoding, smart card encoding, and RFID encoding.
  • Connectivity: Options include USB and Ethernet connectivity, with some models supporting wireless connections.
  • Security Features: Advanced security features such as password protection, data encryption, and secure printing processes are available on higher-end models.

Software Integration:

  • FARGO printers come with software like Asure ID card personalization software, which offers easy design and management of card printing.
    They can also integrate with various other software solutions for enhanced functionality and ease of use.


  • Corporate ID Cards: For employee identification and access control.
  • Education: The Student ID cards, library cards, and access control for school facilities.
  • Healthcare: The Patient ID cards, staff identification, and access control.
  • Government: The Secure ID cards for various government services and personnel.
  • Retail: Loyalty cards, membership cards, and gift cards.

When selecting a FARGO card printer, consider your specific needs in terms of volume, print quality, and additional features like encoding and security. Each model offers different capabilities to suit various applications and budget constraints.


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