The FARGO 074230 card ribbon hdp printers full color is designed for use with HID FARGO HDP printers. Specially HID FARGO card printers that utilize High Definition Printing (HDP) technology.

  • HDP Compatibility:  This ribbon is confirmed to work with HID FARGO HDP printers, known for producing superior quality ID cards with a three dimensional effect.
  • YMCKO: It is an ideal for creating high quality photo IDs with vibrant colors, sharp text, and a protective overlay.
  • YMCO: This is suitable for cards printing that require colorful graphics. This do not necessarily need black text or barcodes.

This FARGO 074230 ribbon of hdp printers is likely a high definition printing ribbon. It is designed for use with HDP HID FARGO card printers. However, to ensure it meets your specific printing needs, it is important to identify the exact color configuration (YMCKO, YMCO). This is referring to the methods mentioned above.


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