The YMCK Full Color Ribbon enables the FARGO HDP Printer Color Ribbon 084051 to produce vibrant full color images, along with clear text and barcodes.

This FARGO HDP Printer Color Ribbon 084051 uses with HDP5000 series of printers and enables full color printing on ID cards. It also features a black resin panel for precise printing of barcodes and text. Each roll is rated to last for approximately 500 prints price.

Print full-color images as well as text and barcodes with the YMCK Full Color Ribbon from FARGO.

“Cleaning a printer head is crucial for maintaining print quality. Over time, ink residue or dust can build up on the print head nozzles, leading to several issues” HID FARGO

Key Features

  • Full-Color Printing Plus Black

The regular cleaning of card printer helps prevent these issues, ensuring your printer operates smoothly and produces high-quality prints of ID cards. The best printer cleaning kit is available in stock at Ahmed’s Info Tech Solutions.



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