What is the printer used for PVC ID card?

A Overview of HID FARGO printers

The HID FARGO card printer used for PVC ID cards is specifically called a PVC card printer. These machines are designed to create and personalize plastic cards, not just for ID purposes, but also for a variety of applications.

These are HID FARGO PVC card printer dtc1500, dtc1500, HDP5000, HDP6600 best for PVC id card.

There are two main types of PVC HID FARGO card printers:

  • Direct-to-card (DTC) printers: These are the most common type and use a ribbon to transfer ink directly onto the surface of the card. They offer a good balance of affordability and print quality, making them suitable for many tasks.
  • Retransfer printers: These create a higher quality image by first printing the design onto a film, then laminating that film onto the card. This method produces sharper images and can incorporate extra security features, but comes at a higher cost.


  • ID cards: This is the most common application, creating identification badges for employees, student id card, or members of an organization. These cards can include photos, names, ID numbers, barcodes, and security features.
  • Membership cards: Businesses and organizations use PVC cards for memberships, offering benefits like discounts or access to exclusive areas.
  • Payment cards: Some companies use PVC cards for internal payment systems, like cafeteria or loyalty programs.
  • Access control cards: These cards grant or restrict access to specific areas or buildings, often using RFID technology for contactless scanning.
  • Event badges: The conferences, trade shows, or other events might use PVC cards for registration, access control, or attendee tracking.
  • Gift cards: Stores or organizations can create custom PVC gift cards for promotional purposes or loyalty programs.

Summary: PVC FARGO card printers offer a versatile solution for creating high quality and personalized plastic cards for various applications, from identification and access control to membership programs and event management.


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