What is error 93 on FARGO DTC4250e?

A DTC4250e printer and ribbon.

Error 93 on the FARGO DTC4250e printer signifies a discrepancy between the installed ribbon and the ribbon type chosen in the printer driver. This error can be attributed to two potential causes.

  • Incorrect Ribbon Installed: The ribbon presently inserted in your printer may not be suitable. Installed a dye-sublimation ribbon while the driver is configured for a resin ribbon.
  • Incorrect Ribbon Type Selected in Driver: Secondly the printer driver has been set up for the incorrect ribbon type. This situation may arise if adjustments were made accidentally or if the driver selection was not updated following a change in ribbon types.

How to resolve error 93 on your FARGO DTC4250e printer:

  • Please open the printer to verify the ribbon that is currently loaded. Please also make sure that it is suitable for the type of printing to do (dye-sublimation, resin, etc.). Also read printer’s manual or the ribbon packaging for proper identification.
  • Check the Printer Driver Settings: Access the printer driver on your computer. Locate the ribbon type selection option within the printing preferences. Make sure it’s set to the same type of ribbon you have installed in the printer.
  • Consult the Manual: If you’re unsure about the ribbon type or how to adjust the driver settings, refer to the FARGO DTC4250e user manual for detailed instructions. The manual will provide specific steps on identifying the ribbon type, troubleshooting the error, and resolving any ribbon-related issues.

Some more tips:

  • Use Genuine HID Fargo Ribbons: It is recommended to use genuine HID FARGO ribbons designed specifically for your DTC4250e printer model.

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