What is chip in smart card?

Smart card is used for payment draw system and store data.

A smart card chip refers to the integrated circuit (IC) or microprocessor that is insert within the card. This chip is a important component. It provides the card to store and manipulate data.

Smart cards are specifically designed with an integrated chip fixed within the system, allowing them to be used for payments and conveniently storing scannable information.

There are in two main types:

  • Contact Smart Cards:
    • Visible chip embedded on the surface, and require physical contact with a card reader.
    • The chip contains a microprocessor and memory storage for secure data storage.
  • Contactless Smart Cards:
    • These cards are also have a chip.
    • It is fixed within the plastic or material of the card, but not visible.
    • Contactless smart cards use radio-frequency identification (RFID)

The chip in a smart card is responsible for various tasks, including authentication, data encryption, and storage of sensitive information. The personal identification, financial data, or access credentials.

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