What is a DTC printer?

An image of DTC1500 HID FARGO printer.

A DTC (Direct-to-Card) card printer is a type of card printer used for printing images, text, and other information directly onto the surface of a card. These printers are commonly used for creating ID cards, membership cards, access control cards, and other similar items.

Some key features of DTC printers:

  • Printing Method: The DTC printers use a dye-sublimation or thermal transfer process to transfer ink directly onto the card surface.
  • Image Quality: The image quality is generally high, but since the printing is directly on the card, there may be a slight border left unprinted around the edges of the card.
  • Speed: What is speed of a DTC printer: These printer is known for their fast printing speeds, making them suitable for environments where a high volume of cards needs to be printed quickly.
  • Cost: These printers are often more affordable compared to other types of card printers, such as retransfer printers.
  • Durability: The printed images are reasonably durable but can be prone to wear and tear over time, especially if the card is handled frequently.
  • These DTC printers are commonly used in various industries for producing employee badges, student ID cards, membership cards, and other types of identification and access cards.
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