What is 125KHz RFID used for?

A image set of RFID cards

This 125 kHz RFID card is known as low frequency (LF) RFID. It is type of RFID technology that operates at a frequency of around 125 kHz. It is now a widely used and mature technology known for its:

  • Read Range: Typically shorter than UHF RFID (Ultra-High Frequency) but sufficient for many applications, ranging from a few centimeters to around 1 meter (depending on the tag and reader).
  • Lower Cost: Both the RFID tags and readers tend to be less expensive compared to UHF RFID.
  • Metal Compatibility: LF signals can function better in the presence of metal compared to UHF, making them suitable for applications where tags might be attached to metal objects.
  • RFID Reader: Low price rfid reader buy online. Its reading range distance is up to 10cm

Here are some of the common applications for 125 kHz RFID:

  • Access Control: It is granting or restricting access to buildings, rooms, or other secure areas. These are mostly used for employee badges, key cards, or student ID cards.
  • Animal Tracking: It is used in tags for livestock management, pet identification, and asset tracking for reusable containers or tools.
  • Inventory Management: The tracking and managing inventory in warehouses, libraries, or retail stores. Less common than other frequencies due to the shorter read range but might be suitable for specific applications.
  • Prepaid Payment: This card is also used in some contactless payment systems for low value transactions. Although security limitations might make it less preferable for high value applications.
  • Laundry Tracking: Tracking and managing laundry items in commercial or institutional settings.
Key points of 125 kHz RFID:
Feature Description
Frequency 125 kHz (Low-Frequency)
Read Range Shorter (a few centimeters to 1 meter)
Cost Lower cost for tags and readers
Metal Compatibility Functions better in presence of metal
Applications Access control, animal tracking, inventory management (limited), prepaid payment (limited), laundry tracking
  • Security: While offering some level of access control, 125 kHz RFID has known security vulnerabilities. It might not be suitable for applications requiring the highest level of security.
  • Read Range: The shorter read range might limit its use in some applications where longer range identification is necessary.
  • Data Storage: The data storage capacity in 125 kHz tags is typically limited compared to UHF tags.

Summary: This 125 kHz RFID is a versatile and cost effective technology for various applications requiring short range identification, access control, or asset tracking. However, its limitations in read range, data storage, and security should be considered when choosing the right RFID solution for your specific needs.

mifare Classic 1K Card

The MIFARE Classic 1K card provides 1,024 bytes of data storage, divided into 16 sectors. Each sector is secured by two unique keys, known as A and B.


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