The Proximity 125khz CardsEM Prox Cards is also called Low frequency cards. These are widely used with its low price and simple operation. These are commonly used in application such as access control, payment cards & staff identification etc.

We provide wide range of proximity 125KHz cards. EM and TK (EM compatible) are very popular ones .

Printing Option

  • Offset printing
  • Silkscreen printing
  • Metallic gold/silver is also on Proximity 125khz CardsEM Prox Cards

Card Construction:

The card is constructed using a thin and flexible material called polyvinyl chloride (PVC) laminate or a composite of Polyester/PVC.

Proximity card vs smart card
Prox cards: The limited memory that information stored on the card.
smart card: The smart card is able to store memory on the microchip and smart card itself, which enables organizations with more flexibility for information storage.
Proximity card types memory:   The memory type used in the card is EEPROM, which allows for both reading and writing of data.
The cost of the proximity cards is $20 for a pack of 20 pieces. These white color cards with thickness of 1.9mm. The proximity card frequency is of 125Khz. These are designed for RFID access control systems.

A proximity card or prox card also known as a key card or keycard is a contactless smart card which can be read without inserting it into a reader device

The proximity card price is get on just on call. These cards are white in color and have a thickness of 1.9mm. They operate at a frequency of 125Khz and are designed for RFID access control systems.


Magnetic Stripe Option: Loco 300oe,650oe,Hico 2750oe, 4000oe
Numbering: Jet dot printing, Thermal printing, Laser, UV Inkjet printing
Bar code, eg: EAN13, Code 39, Code 128, etc


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The Proximity 125khz CardsEM Prox Cards
Proximity 125khz CardsEM Prox Cards

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