HID Global’s dual high frequency smart cards with MIFARE Classic solution + MIFARE DESFire™ EV1 smart card solutions i.e hid fargo mifare desfire ev1 are ideal for organizations migrating to MIFARE DESFire EV1 or seeking to support both smart card technologies in a single device. This smart card offers increased security while preserving backward compatibility with current MIFARE Classic deployments.

This dual technology smart card is also available with HID’s off-the-shelf Crescendo smart card, providing strong authentication and data protection for logical access deployments.

Options available include:

  • Magnetic Stripe
  • Contact smart chip (an embeddable card body or embedded by HID)
  • PVC or composite card body
  • Visual security and counterfeiting features
  • MIFARE Classic and/or MIFARE DESFire programming with standard format or SIO
  • Corporate 1000, iCLASS SE Elite programming


The hid fargo mifare desfire ev1 smart cards include a lifetime warranty.



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The image of HID FARGO mifare desfire ev1
HID FARGO mifare desfire ev1

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