The HID UltraCard CR80 Noco PVC Card is a type of high quality blank plastic card. This card is  used for printing and encoding. The CR80 designation refers to the standard size of the card. Its size is similar to credit card, measuring 3.375 inches by 2.125 inches (85.6 mm x 54 mm).

These cards are commonly used for identification badges, access control cards, membership cards, and other similar applications.

Key features:

Material Quality: It is made from durable PVC material, ensuring a long-lasting and sturdy card.
Printing Compatibility: These cards are always suitable for use with direct-to-card printers. These cards are designed to produce high quality, photo like images.
Size and Thickness: The standard CR80 size and typically around 30 mil thick (0.030 inches), which is the standard thickness for ID cards.
Surface: The surface of the HID UltraCard CR80 Noco PVC Card is smooth, providing excellent print quality and consistent results.
Applications: An ideal for employee ID cards, visitor badges, student IDs, membership cards, loyalty cards, and other types of identification and access control cards.

These HID UltraCard CR80 cards are versatile and used across various sectors for secure and reliable identification purposes. The UltraCard standard non technology cards consist of 100% PVC. These cards are of moderate durability and are appropriate for producing full-color photo IDs, gift cards, and loyalty cards.


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