How does a card printer work?

The product of HID FARGP card printers DTC1250e.

How does a card printer work?

Inkjet plastic card printer work by spraying a very tiny droplets of ink onto the surface of blank plastic card. The solvent of the ink is vaporized when it hits the surface of the card, and only a hard, durable layer remains. 

The speed of the process means that the ink dries almost instantly.

  • Its a very easy to Install Ink
  • Full Card Coverage
  • User Friendly
HID printer for printing ID Cards
High quality ID card printer used for secure.

” It is an ideal for smaller businesses that require ease of use, without access control and holographic overlays, but require a higher quality image. “

Card Printer

  • To get the best from your plastic card printer, follow these steps. They will ensure that your design and print process are well matched:
  • Produce your artwork in the CMYK color mode.
  • Ensure that all photos and graphics that are printed on your cards are high resolution.
  • Always use block colors where it possible, rather than gradients and faded colors, and also ensure that the print is bold and vivid.

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