Card Printer Price in Pakistan

The card Printer price in Pakistan

The HID Fargo card printers come in various models and brands. These card printer price in Pakistan are different with different features. These printers are primarily utilized for producing identification cards, access cards, membership cards, visitor cards, as well as student cards for educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities.

HID Fargo Platinum Partner & Distributor in Pakistan

Ahmed’s Infotech Solutions, as a HID Fargo Platinum Partner & Distributor in Pakistan, provides the most competitive prices for ID card printers in the country.

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  • Minimum Price        Rs 170000
  • Average Price         Rs 279344
  • Maximum Price       Rs 433033

There are some well known brands in the card printer industry include Zebra, FARGO (a subsidiary of HID Global), Evolis, Datacard, and Magicard.

Ahmed’s Infotech Solutions is Platinum Partner and Distributor of HID FARGO provides best low price printers in Pakistan. Additionally, explore online marketplaces or the official websites of the mentioned brands to get more information on specific models, features, and pricing.

While choosing a student id card printer, consider factors such as printing speed, print resolution, card capacity, connectivity options, and the type of cards it supports. This will help you find a printer that meets your specific requirements.

HID Fargo DTC Printers

HID Fargo HDP Printers 

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