The FARGO HDP Color Ribbon 084051 is a consumable product used in FARGO card printers, specifically in the HDP series, such as the Fargo HDP5000. This ribbon is designed to print high quality, full color images on plastic cards using a retransfer printing process.


  • Compatibility: It is compatible with FARGO HDP5000 printers and possibly other models within the FARGO HDP series.
  • Printing Capacity: The ribbon typically has a yield of up to 500 prints. However, the actual number of prints can vary based on the design, coverage area, and printer settings used for printing cards.
  • Retransfer Printing: The HDP (High Definition Printing) technology used in FARGO printers employs a retransfer process, where the design is printed onto a special film which is then fused onto the card’s surface. This process often results in superior print quality and durability compared to direct-to-card printing.
  • Color Printing: This ribbon is used for printing full-color images on plastic cards, ensuring vibrant and high resolution printing results. It usually includes panels for YMCK (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black) printing.

Before purchasing or using the FARGO HDP Color Ribbon 084051, ensure that it’s compatible with your specific FARGO card printer model, and consider the printing specifications and requirements of your card printing project.



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