Which printers can print ID cards

The HID FARGO is a prominent producer of top notch ID card printers and supplies, such as ribbons and id cards. Their printers find application in a range of uses, including access control, identification, and secure printing. Some of the popular types and models of ID card printers available on the market.

Direct-to-Card (DTC) Printers

These printers print directly onto the surface of the card and are suitable for most standard ID card printing needs.
Known for its reliability and ease of use, suitable for small to medium-sized organizations.

Retransfer (Reverse Transfer) Printers
These printers first print the image onto a transfer film, which is then applied to the card. This method is ideal for printing on smart cards or cards with uneven surfaces.
FARGO HDP5000: These printers are high-definition printing with over-the-edge print capability. This printer offers high resolution printing and is durable for high volume use. It is fast printing speeds with high quality output.

Laminating Printers
These printers add an additional layer of protection to the printed ID cards, making them more durable and secure.
FARGO DTC4500e: This is dual sided printer with lamination options for enhanced security. For specific needs like encoding magnetic stripes, printing on proximity cards, or embedding holographic images.

HID FARGO HDP6600: It is designed for high volume and high security printing with advanced features.
Print Quality: The resolution and color depth required for your ID cards.
Card Types: These main type of cards are RFID PVC card, magnetic stripe cards, proximity cards, to print.
Durability: The level of wear and tear the cards will be subjected to, and if lamination is required.
Connectivity: These are compatibility with your existing systems, such as USB, Ethernet, or wireless connections.
Cost: The initial investment and ongoing costs for consumables like ribbons and cards.

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