What is the default PIN for HID crescendo?

A image of HID Fargo crescendo cards code

The default PIN for the HID Crescendo Key Series and HID Crescendo 2300 Smart Card standalone profile is 00000000.

What is the default PIN for HID crescendo?
What is HID Elite key?
The HID Elite Program provides end-user customers with a unique authentication key to increase their existing security. The custom authentication key protects the card number within the access control application of the card.
It’s important to change this default PIN for enhanced security after you receive your HID Crescendo device. You can modify the PIN using the HID Crescendo Authenticator Tool.
What is a HID prox used for?

The HID cards, known as prox cards, proximity cards, and access control cards, utilize RFID embedded technology. These cards are employed in access control systems to grant access through doors.



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