What is a credit card printer

An image of FARGO printer hdp500, hdp6600 with credit card

The credit card printer is a device used to print information onto plastic credit cards. These printers are commonly used by banks, credit unions, and other financial institution. These printers produce credit and debit cards for their customers. The main functions and features of a credit card printer typically include. Most commonly credit cards printers are:

These printers can print the cardholder’s name, card number, expiration date, and other relevant details.

  • Magnetic Stripe Encoding: There are many credit card printers have the capability to encode data onto the magnetic stripe on the back of the card.
  • Chip Encoding: Some advanced models can also encode data onto embedded chips (EMV chips) used in smart cards.
  • Graphics and Logos: They can print high resolution images, logos, and other graphics, often in full color, to enhance the appearance of the cards.
  • Security Features: There are many printers support the addition of security features like holograms, UV printing, and other anti-counterfeiting measures.

Credit card printers are typically part of a larger system. They include software for managing card issuance. This helps to print correct data on each card. These printers can vary from small desktop models suitable for low volume use to larger, industrial machines designed for high volume card production.

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