Ahmed’s Infotech Solutions offers student card printing services in Pakistan, producing student cards at competitive rates for both public and private sectors.

Educational Institutions: Most educational institutions in Pakistan have their own procedures for issuing student IDs. The printing and distribution of student cards are usually handled by the institution’s administration or a designated department.

How to Get a Student Card:

  • Registration: During the registration process, students might be required to submit photographs and other details needed for the ID card.
  • Fees: Each institutions might charge a nominal fee to cover the cost of printing and materials for the student card.

Finding Information:

  • University/College Website: The website of your educational institution likely has a section dedicated to student services or admissions. There, you might find information about the student ID card process, including any fees or requirements.
  • Student Affairs Office: Contacting the student affairs office at your institution can clarify the process for obtaining your student ID.

Additional Considerations:

  • Standardization: There might not be a universally standardized format for student cards across all educational institutions in Pakistan. The design and information included on the card can vary depending on the institution’s policies.
  • Security Features: Some student cards might incorporate basic security features like holograms or embedded chips for enhanced verification.
  • Pre-printed membership cards
  • Preprinted Cards Online


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