The parking products is vast and diverse, encompassing everything from simple signage to sophisticated automated systems. Here’s a breakdown of some key categories:

Parking Control Systems:
  • Barrier Gates: These control access to parking areas, often using license plate recognition (LPR) or RFID tags for automated entry and exit.
  • Ticket Dispensers and Readers: Traditional systems issue paper tickets for payment, while newer ones utilize digital ticketing and mobile apps.
  • Payment Solutions: Cash, credit cards, and mobile payments are increasingly integrated for seamless transactions.
Parking Guidance Systems:
  • Sensors and Cameras: Detect vehicle presence and guide drivers to available spaces, reducing congestion.
  • Dynamic Signage: Displays real-time parking availability in different zones, helping drivers find spots efficiently.
Parking Lot Safety Products:
  • Speed Bumps and Humps: Enforce speed limits and improve pedestrian safety.
  • Wheel Stoppers: Prevent vehicles from rolling beyond designated parking spaces.
  • Bollards and Delineators: Define traffic flow and protect pedestrians and property.
  • Signage: Clearly communicates parking regulations, restrictions, and directions.
Parking Accessories:
  • Parking cones: These warning signs, and mirrors enhance visibility and safety in parking areas.
  • Wheel chocks: Secure parked vehicles to prevent rolling.
  • Parking blocks: Reserve specific spaces for authorized vehicles.
Additional Considerations:
  • Smart Parking Technologies: Leveraging data and analytics to optimize parking management and user experience.
  • Sustainability: Solar-powered equipment and energy-efficient solutions are gaining traction.


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