The HID FARGO UltraCard PC ideal card for use with reverse transfer, laser engraving printers. It is made of a 100% polycarbonate construction. These HID FARGO UltraCard PC are fully compatible with laser engraving. These can be utilized to incorporate a layer of security to your card personalization. These cards are highly durable and offer a longer expected card life than other common card types like PVC or PVC/PET composite.

Key Features

  • It is clean, glossy surface card
  • It is compatible with fluorescent printing applications
  • This card is also compatible with laser engraving
  • This card construction is resistant to delamination and highly durable.

HID FARGO offers a range of products, including card printers and consumables, which offer secure identification solutions for printing high quality ID cards and access cards.

  • hid ultracard premium
  • ultra card cr-79/cr-80 cards
  • hid ultracard cr80 noco
  • hid pvc cards


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