FARGO Laminate Ribbon 082618 is a High Secure Orbit design and Universal orientation, with a 500 count. It includes visual security elements and is designed for use with the single side lamination module only.

FARGO Laminate Ribbon 082618 is a type of ribbon used in card printers for adding protective overlays to printed cards. These ribbons are typically used with FARGO card printers and are known for enhancing the durability of the cards by providing a protective layer. The ribbon can help protect the cards from wear and tear, as well as from UV light, which can cause fading.

Here are some key features:

Retransfer Printing Process:

HID FARGO HDP printers utilize a retransfer process to achieve exceptional image quality and durability, in contrast to direct-to-card printing.

  • Image Creation: The desired design for the ID card is first printed in reverse onto a special retransfer film.
  • Film Lamination: Using heat and pressure, the printed film is precisely laminated onto the surface of a blank PVC card.
  • Finishing Touches: After lamination, any additional processes like encoding or trimming occur to complete the ID card.
Benefits of FARGO Laminate Ribbon 082618:
  • Enhanced Durability: These laminated cards can last significantly longer compared to unlaminated cards, reducing the need for frequent replacements and can save you money in the long run.
  • Superior Protection: This laminate film acts as a robust shield, ensuring your printed cards remain crisp and clear even with regular use.
  • Increased Security: Some overlaminate films, like this one, might incorporate holographic elements or other visual security features to deter counterfeiting. These features can make it more difficult to replicate or tamper with your ID cards.


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