The FARGO DTC Color Ribbon 045610 typically includes multiple panels of color (such as yellow, magenta, cyan, and black). These colors are used in combination to print a range of colors on the card. The exact composition and design of the ribbon may vary depending on the model and specific requirements of the FARGO card printer.


  • This is a full-color ribbon with Resin Black and Clear Overlay Panel
  • Item model number ‎045610
  • Prints 500 images per roll
  • Item Weight ‎10 ounces
  • Manufacturer ‎Fargo
  • FARGO DTC Color Ribbon 045610 YMC​KO color ribbons are for use with the following HID FARGO ID card printers
  • Used in FARGO DTC1500 ID Card printer that is designed for small to medium sized organizations looking to print high-quality ID cards and security control cards

Fargo DTC Color Ribbon
The FARGO 45610 ribbons back-coated to extend printhead life are special. Includes a built-in cleaning roller. This is designed for use in the FARGO DTC1500 ID card printers.


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